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Stock and Commodity Brokerage Back Office and Internet Trading System

BackConnect is a functionally rich stock and commodity back-office and internet trading system designed to provide straight through order processing, equity, custody and money market services, with comprehensive on-line exposure, margin and authority control. It includes trading through multiple channels - desktop, web and mobile, clearing and settlement, custody, exposure, margin, risk management and complete GL accounting.



Stock Market Financing and Investment System for Banks

InvestConnect provides treasury portfolio investment and stock market financing for a commercial or investment bank. It provides a very comprehensive portfolio management facility, which supports investment in all instrument types, including Equity, Future, Fixed Income Securities, and Money Market Instruments. The product also contains stock-market financing and risk management modules for banks: Financing Against Shares, Financing Against Receivables, and Margin Financing.



Mutual Fund, Pension / Provident Fund And Private Portfolio Management System

AssetConnect is a comprehensive on-line and automated Mutual Fund Management System, which supports multiple funds, and features a complete internet-based transaction system for unit management. It includes all investment types, equity, fixed income securities, money market instruments, corporate actions, regulatory compliance and complete GL accounting.

Clearing & Depository System

Clearing & Depository System

Stock Exchange Clearing & Depository System

Provides all clearing, settlement and depository functions of a stock exchange. Integrates with the trading system, and maintains broker accounts for custody and financial settlement.



Mutual Fund Sale Portal

FundConnect is designed to provide a portal service to mutual fund distribution and sales companies to have a platform where they can connect with different mutual fund providers and perform their sales operations easily and securely. The basic idea is to improve coordination and operational efficiency between mutual fund management companies and front-end sales companies.



Custody Management System

CustodyConnect addresses the needs of Custodian service providers, including settlement processing, portfolio maintenance, messaging, corporate action processing and client billing management for all instrument types, equity, fixed income securities and money market instruments.

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Business and Manufacturing Industry MIS System

A comprehensive, integrated and functionally rich system that automates the business and financial management of commercial organizations and manufacturing industry. It offers a diverse range of interconnected modules designed to support best practices in industry. It includes general ledger, fixed assets, payables, payments, tax, inventory, human resources, payroll, purchases, raw materials, sales and executive reporting.



Distance Learning System

Ed-Connect, a Remote Tutoring System allows various institutes to easily perform distance learning-based training for various courses, examinations and certifications in the global market. It has two main parts � remote lecturing and administrative. The system enables an institute to immediately launch a complete remote-training program in the global market-place, in any field, at any degree, certification or short course level

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