Trading Terminal is a highly secure and multi-level encrypted online trading application that offers the ability to buy and sell shares and view real time stock exchange information along with several advanced features like reports, charts and research. Trading Terminal provides current market statistics for different stocks, exchange metrics through a number of watch lists e.g. New Watch List, Index Watch List, Market Watch List and PMEX or NCEL watch list etc. Order book and Trade logs are maintained which keep record of all pending orders and executed trades respectively. A log is also maintained keeping record of all of the current day trades. Buy, Sell, Take, Hit orders can be placed and user can also modify/cancel his/her pending orders. Client margin is checked in real time during order entry taking into account the client’s executed trades and pending orders. Client can view his/her current clearing and overall portfolio positions.
Trading Terminal app includes charts that provide different stocks and exchange statistics. Advanced charting module is provided containing Symbol and Index graphs.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly secure and multi-level encryption to protect your data.
  • Client Symbol Selection Based on Subscription Server Model
  • Live Stock Feed Dissemination
  • Real-time Quote Request in any Symbol
  • Pin Code verification before Order Placing
  • On–Line Trading – Order Entry with Pre-Trade Risk Management System
  • Order/Trade Confirmations
  • Account Statement
  • Margin Information
  • Custody Information
  • Transactions information
  • Usage and Activity Logging
  • Session Maintenance and Authentication
  • Administrative Functionality to send messages to any connected client