The first social network for foreigners in china is now delivered to you. Waiguofriend gives you the privilege to get you fully connected to every single stuff for foreigners and Chinese. Work opportunities, get you amused, your friends closer than ever, find your international love (A person who matches you) by playing the real life game. Help your community to be happier and well connected by using the Lost & Founds services where you can find Jobs, Places to go, lost items and even more.
Finding people is easier; you can find them by typing a user’s ID, also by Nationality, Nearby People, and last, the suggested peoples using the app and Hashtag. Invite your friends to Waiguofriend by selecting from Phone Contact List.
Get popular on China Time, the most popular features and Hashtags will be shown there. Share photos, diary, selfie videos, all the updates from your friends, by comments and likes on your posts.

Highlighted Features

  • Facebook style news feed that keeps you updated with your friends activities.
  • Share your status, photos and even videos with your friends on the go
  • Like posts and comment on your friends activities
  • Shake your device to like a post
  • Manage your profile
  • Live chat with friends
  • Tag your friends to the posts
  • Hashtags
  • Explore hot topics and hashtags
  • Lost and found feature to help you find work opportunities, lost items, places and even restaurants
  • Find and connect to more people of your interest
  • Your personal diary that everyone can read
  • Notifications to keep you informed about latest happenings in your circle