A new era of Coffee Making – Welcome the Automated Barista

Growing up watching Sci-fi movies, where time travel machines took us to the future, we all wished deep down inside to live in a world where everything is automated. From flying cars to instant meals coming out of the shelves under the tables by pressing a button, we all dreamt of living in that future. But guess what, this dream is not far from reality anymore. With every passing day, we are surprised by yet another new technology. We live in a semi-automated world already. One of such wonders of the twenty-first century is a fully automated Barista who is going to serve you with your perfect mug of coffee within a few minutes.  

What’s special about it?

A robotic coffee bar in San Francisco has just employed a fully automated barista who can whip up almost 120 cups of coffee in an hour. This robot is designed by 24 years old Henry Hu. This endeavor was funded by the Thiel Foundation and well-known angel investor Jason Calacanis. You can have this “coffee from the future” at Café X. All you need to do it place your order either through a kiosk screen or by downloading a mobile app. You will receive a pickup code that you have to enter at the counter and voila, here is your perfect cup of coffee. And the best part is, you will always get the same taste with the same amount of ingredients every time. The coffee shop called Café X is currently working at two locations in SF.

How are people handling this technological wonder?

Where on the brighter side we are all amazed and excited by the new technology, it is also making people raise a very important concern. What about the massive unemployment risk that we will have to face if such retail jobs are taken over by robots and machines?

What does the creator have to say?

While many people seem worried about it, the creator of the robot Henry Hu has a different opinion, “I don’t see the robot revolution as a problem,” says Henry in an interview. “The idea isn’t to scare you or harm you in any way. The point is to get you your coffee as quickly and deliciously as possible.”

One of the investors of this automated eatery program, Jason Calacanis argued, “The idea of humans making coffee for 10 hours a day is as crazy in 2018 as a tollbooth collector sitting in a metal box on a freeway,” Calacanis told in an interview. “It’s also torture for the customer. Baristas get orders wrong, drink quality is wildly inconsistent, and coffee places don’t keep a record of every customer’s past drink order — but you can do all this with robotics.” And we all agree with Calacanis on this.

How much this barista cost?

The Barista currently costs around $25,000. On one hand, the employer does not have the obligation to pay minimum wage to the robot, at the same time, customers would not have to feel the obligation to tip the automated barista.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning. The producers of the robot intend to expand the technology. Café X is soon going to have a new branch at the third location in San Francisco with the new model of the barista, Robotic Coffee bar 2.0 that will up its coffee-making game by whipping up 3 cups in 40 seconds. They even plan to provide this facility for offices and malls too. And it won’t take much time for such technologies to seep into Pakistan. Whatever comes next, let’s just sit back and enjoy it while sipping a cup of our perfect coffee.

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