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Creating Synergies to Transform Businesses


Ericsson is a leading provider of OSS/BSS systems for customer, product and order lifecycle management that enable communication service providers to rapidly introduce new market offers and to empower superior customer experience. For last several years, Softech Systems is their major outsourcing partner involved with them in a three shore model. Our resources are working offsite, onsite and at client site to provide software development, customization, integration, deployment & configuration and quality assurance services on multiple projects. Softech team has worked on the several client sites including BMW, Hutchison, Etisalat, Turk Telecom.

Facelift Brand Building Technologies (GmBH)

The Facelift Cloud is a multi-certified software solution with all components for professional social marketing on an enterprise level. The Facelift Cloud consists of the four modules Communication, Engagement, Advertising, and Statistics, enabling the management of all activities on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels centrally and efficiently, in a scalable cloud solution. All practical matters such as workflow management, templating, data exchange, content pooling, roles/permissions management, documentation, etc. are integrated. Softech Systems is the offshore development partner of Facelift BBT and responsible for the development and integration of social media platforms for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, WordPress, and others.

Ogoul Technology

Ogoul Technology is an advanced technology, product development and services company headquartered in Doha, Qatar focused on advancing the state of the art in Social Media and Digital Media. As an innovative provider of comprehensive technology solutions, with a strong team of professionals, Ogoul strives to deliver the highest levels of product quality and value, global customer satisfaction and service to our employees, investors and the communities in which we operate.


YASA provides business owners with world-class digital solutions and services. We find untapped growth potential that maintains the client’s original mission. Scalable, simplified solutions and keep all of our clients on the edge of information transfer technologies, and adding significant value to their business.

Zeala Care

The team at Zeala Care is utilizing the Internet of Things (IOT) technology revolution to bring a new zeal into the resident care market. The primary focus is on creating tools and wearable technologies that allow the resident home caregiver to provide a higher level of care to the resident. Softech is their offsite development partner and co-owns the IOT based nursing care solution branded as Zeala Care.
Softech Systems

We take pride in being a customer-centric organization with mature management and software development processes and mechanisms for the continuous growth of our products and services. With a forward-looking approach, we believe an innovative mindset coupled with technical expertise, is integral for sustainable business growth.

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