Employee Fund Manager

Gratuity - Provident Fund - Pension Fund - Employee Loans

Fund Management System is a comprehensive and fully integrated Investment management solution specifically designed for Employee Provident & Pension funds. Investment accounting is completely integrated with all other modules and facilitates users of different departments to authenticate the transactions.

Its web-based front end, specially designed for pension funds, employees provident funds also support mutual funds.

The system offers a number of business advantages, such as increased efficiency and lower cost with processing ability to manage transactions of different departments. Because of highly robust architecture, the system supports an unlimited number of funds of all type with increased capacity to manage, and cater cost effectively for increased workloads without the need to hire more staff.

1- An Integrated Investment Management Solution for Gratuity, Pension Fund and Loan Management

  • Setting Up Funds
  • Provision of Opening Balances
  • Employee Loan Management
  • Data Unloaders
  • Equity Traders
  • Period End Execution
  • Profit Allocation
  • Mutual Fund Investment
  • GL Maintenance

2- Interfaces

  • Member Web Portal: For permanent member to access relevant funds information for such as loans, settlements via the intranet.
  • Admin Portal: A secured web access using a web application for issuing funds/ loans.
  • Trustee Portal: A web access channel to validate and process funds/ loans.
  • Treasurer and Accounts Portal: A web access channel to track collected revenue and to verify weekly and monthly all reports.
  • HR Portal: to perform system administration tasks such as user management, deductions etc.
  • Equity Trading: Comprehensive recording of equity trades as per standard practice.
  • Capital Market Instruments: Channels to records financial transactions like TFC’s, PIB’s, FIS etc.

Feature Highlights

  • Fund Management System is a complete solution for investment management and tracking, portfolio valuation, accounting and investment reporting for all type and size of funds.