Is this the end of technological advancements at the expense of humanity?

Technological advancements have always attracted the human brain for many centuries now. Take a look around yourself and understand how far human beings have come. We started off as animals and today we have so many wonders of technology surrounding us that it almost feels like magic, except that now we know there is no such thing as magic, thanks to technology and logic.

For hundreds of years, our only focus was to boost the technology that we have. The twentieth century saw numerous wonders of technology being invented and changed the course of human life altogether. But this century cannot be written in gold letters in the book of human history. This is because this century saw a horrible trend of taking our planet for granted. We were so blind with the greed of winning the technological race that we destroyed our plant in return.

The clash of technology and humanity:

When humans found out the wonders of fossil fuel and the amount of energy they can produce, they were overwhelmed. This fuel has been the basis of almost all the advancements we have made in the past 2 centuries. West has grown to its peak of power after the industrial revolution but it came at a cost. The cost was our planet and humanity itself. There are thousands of human rights violations that we have committed in order to further the technological advances and this is finally the time that after 200 years of renaissance, people have started understanding this.

How the climate suffered?

Glaciers are melting, forests are burning, the air is not breathable and people are dying due to heavy metal poisoning. What if I tell you that we have brought this upon ourselves? However, this distinction would be unjust because the real culprits of this destruction are the ones least bothered by it.

The story of this destruction goes back to the time when trees were cut at a significant rate and coal was used as the main fuel for every technological project and tones of carbon dioxide were dispersed in the air.  This process took away natural filters of the earth and filled it with pollution. Drilling for natural gas and oil-contaminated water, air and land and thousands of people got deadly diseases as a result. For hundreds of years, this trend was continued without any criticism until it was too late.

How Humanity Suffered?

Technological advances came at the expense of many human beings who were treated in the most inhumane way ever. From using their manual labor for boosting industry and engineering to barbaric actions committed on humanity for biological and medical advancements, people have behaved like animals or even worse to reach the glory that they are on today.

Even today there are thousands of industries working in third world countries that utilize child labor and underpay their workers. They are also involved in harming the environment including air and water resources. This trend needs to be stopped but the lack of checks and balances in these countries helps these people out and they are working without any restrictions. Despite that many countries have a minimum wage set in their constitutions, the lack of books has led to an extreme violation of this law and poverty in such areas is on the rise.

The new trend of technological advancements:

With rising environmental and human rights awareness programs, people have finally realized that any advancement at the expense of other people or our planet is not worth it. People look for organic, natural and fair products made without exploitation. This is the new trend of 2020 and people will see a rise in this trend for the decade to come.

Any company that exploits people or harms the environment is completely shunned by the consumers to a point that they have to start playing fairly. Even Nike had to apologize and restart their production when they were accused of exploiting child labor in Bangladesh. That is why many companies have now started using green energy and environmentally safe resources. With this new era of awareness, we can start seeing a bright future for our planet and humanity once again.

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