Toyota is building a city of the future and it is open for people to live in!!

The past two generations of human beings have seen such remarkable wonders of technology that nothing seems far from reality anymore. Who would have thought 200 years ago that we’ll be traveling by flying airplanes and talking to people in real-time someday? But here we are!

All these technological wonders were the reason why from the mid of the twentieth-century people started expecting a lot from technology. Flying cars, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence, etc. are not entirely new concepts for us but no one would have thought that these things will be here so soon. Thanks to Toyota we are going to witness a new wonder of human intellect and scientific prowess. The city of the future!

As Toyota likes to call it, “The woven city” Is a prototype city of the future where all the technological wonders will be tested before they become a part of the outside human community. The city is to be built on an area of 175 hectors at the base of Mt.  Fuji in Japan. This is where Toyota will test new technologies including autonomous vehicles, robots, artificial intelligence, smart homes, etc.

The project was announced at CES 2020 where the president of Toyota, Akio Toyoda announced the Women city and described it as a living laboratory where the scientific wonders will be tested. The city is open for residents and thousands of people are expected to live in this wonder.

What’s the idea behind making a separate city?

Scientific advancements have always been a topic of great discomfort among many people. From theories of the mechanical world to the ones where we’ll be taken over by robots are quite common. Although most of these theories are baseless there are certain questions of adjustment that need to be answered.

We are still unaware of the repercussions of all these scientific advancements in our life, and the precedence set by cell phones and the internet on the go is not very appealing either for many people. Hence the technology has to be tested in isolation so that we can decide whether or not we want to invest our lives in a high tech world. (Though, it is not a choice anymore.)

This city will act as an experimental laboratory where everything would be tested including smart homes where everything would be handled by robots, personal mobility, automated cars, artificial intelligence, etc. In this way, the pros and cons of these technologies could be tested without exposing them to the real world before we are ready.

Who will live in the woven city?

The woven city would be open to employees and retailers that are affiliated with Toyota Company. The residents will include scientists who are building the city and other visiting scientists. The initial estimate of the number of residents in this city is 2000. Depending upon the success of this prototype, new and better cities will be made. People who are really interested in living in this woven city can buy a place for themselves too.

What technologies are to be tested?

There are many different technologies that will be tested in this prototype city. Some important ones are automated cars that will work without a driver, high-speed vehicles, houses made up of wood to reduce the carbon footprint of the city. The energy will be entirely generated through solar power or hydrogen fuel cells.

Every technology that would be used in this city would be made keeping the sustainability of our planet in mind. The vehicles and all other technologies will be eco-friendly and this model will serve the purpose of establishing the fact that the world could be luxurious, technologically advanced and eco-friendly all at the same time.

When is this project expected to complete?

The project was announced by the president of TOYOTA Company. Mr. Toyoda did not provide any deadline for the completion of this project but most probably it will complete by the year 2021. The city is being designed by renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. He is the mastermind behind the 2-world trade center, Google offices, etc. His previous projects have turned out to be such a huge success that we can expect this prototype woven city to be a piece of art too.

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